Robyn Ellenbogen

I received a B.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts and an M.F.A. from Hunter College. I worked with Louise Bourgeois as her studio assistant, and continued working alongside powerful and inspiring beings during my time as Miss Piggy’s jewelry designer.

Notes on art practice.
In kindergarten I vowed to be an artist when I grew up. This vow helped me through many difficulties. My exposure to the arts continues to deepen my dedication. 

I love working in metalpoint. Metalpoint allows my hand and body to register the beauty and randomness of nature. Metalpoint is considered a traditional mode of drawing. However, I bring a contemporary perspective to the process through my scientific interests. For instance, I have a microscope attached to my computer so I can explore the hidden aspects and interior landscapes that permeate drawings, digital images and animations.

My studio, an 18th century barn, is bordered by a bamboo forest. Bamboo is hollow and flexible, bending with the wind but never breaking. It is capable of adapting to any circumstance. Bamboo has become a rich source of inspiration for me, and the vases I offer on this site were created from bamboo found there. I hand-dye the vases with unique surface batik designs.

I invite you to learn more about my work in metalpoint and see me at work in my studio.   

 Master Jizo asked Hogen, “Where have you come from?”

“I pilgrimage aimlessly,” replied Hogen.

“What is the matter of your pilgrimage?” asked Jizo.

“I don’t know,” replied Hogen.

“Not knowing is most intimate,” remarked Jizo…….